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Dreamlines... Realities Within... has been updated with two recent dreams:

Robbery - I witness my friend, Rich, commit robbery and I am more concerned about the fact that he's walking around in public with a gun out in the open.


My friend Rich, looking as he did when I first met him, walks into the furniture store that I am, carrying a very large .357 magnum revolver. He marches up to the front office and proceeds to rob it at gun point. The manager, a blond man, tries to reason with Rich, but it does it work. It seems, Rich bought furniture from this store, it arrived damaged to his home and the store would neither replace the furniture nor give him a refund.

"But, Mr. Taylor, it is company policy to sell all furniture as is."

"But, Mr. Asshole, it is personal policy to shoot anyone who lies to me or tries to cheat me." He pulls back the hammer on the gun. "Do you want to give me the refund or do you want me to consider myself cheated?" The manager's water lets loose and he steps back, mumbling. "I'll take that as a refund." Rich uncocks the gun then turns and walks out.

I run after him. "Rich, what are you doing?"

He shrugs. "The man lied to me. I lied to him. We're even and I have crappy furniture."

"No! I mean, the gun." I point to the gun in his hand.

"This? I have no place to put it."

Just then, a bunch of screamy, blinky cop cars go by. "You can't just carry that in the open." I took it from him and hid it in my magazine. It was a poor fit. The gun was bigger than the magazine. So, I stuck the whole thing under my arm. Rich and I walked back to his apartment in silence.


Transformation Crucifixion - A very odd dream where I am consciously and purposefully in several places at once. One of me is discussing the nature of good and evil with a man crucified in a pagan style. One of me is with my co-workers, reluctantly watching the live reenactment of the Christ crucifixion and I realize I am the one who needs to change.

Transformation Crucifixion

This dream was about a live re-enactment of the crucifixion of Christ. It was being performed at my work but had elements of a LARP and the occult to it

The dream started out with a flash to a person kneeling on the ground, his hands nailed to two trees. One arm stretched out. One arm bend at a right angle. This was a pagan crucifixion. It had the meaning of transformation with the choice of transforming for good or evil.

Switch back to work. I am discussing the reenactment with my co-workers. Someone is already going through the crucifixion. One of me, represented by opening another telnet window, named Isabeau, was going to state with them and discuss the nature of good and evil with the one already crucified in a pagan manner.

I left to go save seats for me and my co-workers. There was something different about this upcoming Christ crucifixion. It was to represent a transformation more than a sacrifice. I didn't want to be there. I was mostly going to be in Isabeau, with the other one. I was the second one to the stadium seats. I sat down and looked at the other person arriving. He chose to sit next to me, on my left.

Lightening flash to the image of the kneeling crucifixion. It made me gasp. I was the only one who had the vision.

My co-workers all started to arrive. I got up to get some water. When I got back, I had to force myself in-between people to get back into my seat. As I sat down, I knew I didn't want to be there. I started to shift my consciousness over into Isabeau more so I could concentrate on that. But, my co-workers started demanding to know why Isabeau wasn't here. I remember trying to tell them that she couldn't waste the opportunity for this discussion with one going through the transformation. This started making them anger. They had to be here, why didn't she. They did not want to recognize that she was me.

There was another lightening flash to the image of the man in the kneeling crucifixion. I (as Isabeau) was standing next to him. His eyes suddenly opened. "You are the only one who understands. You are the only one who sees what is happening. You know that now, don't you."

Flash back to the reenactment of the Christ crucifixion and I am now the one standing on the stage, watching the me in the audience. I step back to the cross, preparing to lay back on it. I, in the audience, stands "No!" but no one hears me. I watch me lay down on the cross, preparing myself for the first pain of the nails.

Tori Amos sings in the background, "Crucify myself. I've got to crucify myself... I've got to change... Change... "


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