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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Groundhog Day - which has nothing to do with the title and everything to do with writing, gaming and exercise.

February 2
Groundhog Day
My writing goes in cycles. At first, I thought it was submit lots, then write lots, repeat. Well, I have barely written in the last couple of months but, now, I'm getting more hits back from my November submission-fest, suddenly, my muse and enthusiasm for writing is back. Figures, I just bought a couple of books I really want to read but I can't seem to write and read at the same time. I can do one or the other. I think, it's a time issue.

However, since I got two positives (Silk Stockings and Dark Epiphany) in the last week, my attention has turned back to my writing projects. Plus, I had the good fortune to garner the attention of a man, Dave, in the business by virtue of having such an intriguing online presence. Heh. Joking. I'm a geek and he noticed. We started talking and we've had some really interesting conversations recently. In 2-3 years, I want to be doing what he's doing. In the meantime, in between the interesting discourse, I'm pumping him for publishing and writing information. He's recommended me to query his work place as another venue to write reviews for. I will be doing that this week. I just have to figure which previously published articles to send as samples.

It reminds me to update my writer websites. I've had a couple of positives for the Eden site as well as a couple of newly published articles and a positive for the Jennifer site. Now that I'm finally getting my act together, I'm keeping a lot better track of what has gone out, what has been responded to with what response and what I'm still waiting for. The last thing I really need to do is get off my butt and set up my hard copy submission process. It's the one major psychological barrier that is keeping from submitting to some of the bigger venues like Realms of Fantasy and Asimov's.

Dave and I had a good chat about writer rituals. I don't have elaborate ones but I do have them. When I'm really getting into the groove of writing, I want no outside distractions. Silence is my best companion when I am in the zone. No TV. No music. No IM. No email. Just me and the characters in my head. I haven't had a lot of "silent time" lately. I'm far too distracted. I need to get myself to start focusing me and to realize that my friends won't abandon me if I'm not online as much. It's a silly fear but one that is there nonetheless. I suppose it comes from settling into WA and wanting to keep up with friends in CA.


I ran my Buffy game this weekend. It is going surprisingly well. It is only the fourth game but I had all of my players and the personalities are starting to mix and match well. All I'm really missing is the witch of the group and I have a player in mind for that.

I'm learning with the Buffy system, if people know the genre, the game practically runs itself. I have events here and there. I have NPCs in the background doing their own things. I let the college kids decide what they want to do - the mall, patrolling, school, work, etc... Then, I take that and map it into one of the plots going on. Not in a big way. Some subtle ways. For one, his brand gets hot. For another, she sees the "creepy monk guy" walk by. For another, a dying NPC hints at her past.

This week, I introduced a major NPC who has a "guest starring" role for a while that is going to link things into one of the major arcs. I managed the introduction to meld seamlessly into an activity the kids chose to do. Of course, they have surprised me a couple of times already and I had to reveal a bit more about one NPC than I wanted to, but it was for a good cause.


I've ended week two of my diet and exercise program with one major lapse on Friday night. Things are still hard but livable. I wish I didn't have to do so much thinking about food. I have to plan meals and pre-prepare them. I have to constantly think about what I've eaten and what I need to make sure to eat in the future to be "chemically balanced." I know all of this stuff is good for me and I am rarely hungry. I know this is supposed to teach me how to plan, how to cook and how to eat. But, right now, it is a whole lot of work that I really don't want to do. Though, I do it because I agreed to it when I started the program.

I like the exercising for the most part. I'm up to 20 minutes on the elliptical on a regular basis now. That's a really good thing. Kolu is consistently thinking up new torments for me when it comes to abdominal and back exercises. I have discovered that I have a hard time being on my knees for the back exercises. I'm hoping that my knee pain will lessen as the weight does.

There is one thing I really am beginning to dislike about my exercise sessions: the videos. The videos themselves aren't bad. They are imparting some really good information. However, they are driving me to distraction with the amount of food they are constantly showing. For example, this last one was all about how to survive celebrations. How to avoid having cake and pointing out how your mind remembers just how good cake tasted and how good the sugar made you feel for the short time before the sugar crash. The whole time they are going on about it, they are showing the viewer a wonderful looking birthday cake and people enjoying that cake and the "you" person bravely fending off the host's offerings of the cake.

The whole time I watched the video, I salivated, sourly thinking, "Yeah, my mind remembers exactly how much I like cake. Thanks for making me watch a ten minute video showing me one while telling me why I should not eating it." Though, on the (still) surreal to me side of things, I'm still being chastised by my dietician for not making my calorie count and not eating enough fat. I have to work on that.

Tarot Card for the Day: Judgment

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