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From kjieren. Love is...
Love is never what you expect it to be. It is more and less. It is an unquantifiable "it" that makes one feel whole.

From baronlaw. The gala was in full swing when he entered.....
The gala was in full swing when he entered in a most spectacular manner. Crashing through the window to land, battered and bruised, at the feet of his heart's desire was not the way he wanted to first meet her. However, he did have her attention.

From mamaduck. rainy afternoons
Rail against the uncaring sky
Allow your anger to boil
Impetuous youth wasted on the young
No tears are seen in the downpour
Yesterday was the worst day of my life

After the rains have fled
Fled from my terrible pain
The pain has receded like the clouds
Ever I wonder at the strength of immediate emotions
Rage, love, fear, want, need, desire
None of them last with that same intensity
Only in that moment is the pure emotion
Only in that moment have the masks come off
Now, it is time to think about what will be next
Soon, the sun will shine again

From britgeekgrrl. Mermaids, peanut butter and string.
You are one strange lady.
"I know you want to know how I met Madison here. It's an odd little tale. You see, as a young boy, my father used to tell me some of the "true" secrets to life. Mostly, his secrets were about fishing. The best secret he ever told me was about peanut butter. You see, peanut butter is a wonderful bait for fish. Little did I now that it attracted things other than fish.

"Being seven years old and already a man, I wanted to go fishing However, I couldn't get to the fishing poles so I had to make do with a decent sized skein of string I found. String in one hand and a jar of peanut butter in the other, I headed off to the lake. No sooner than I dropped that string into the lake was the string, the skein and me dragged straight into the water. I thought I was going to drown until I felt someone pulling me up, out of the water." Jake patted the hip of the mermaid beside him. "Who knew that mermaids liked peanut butter? She saved my life and we became life long companions."

From snakefeathers. Certainly, when the brain eating aliens arrived on earth, they had no idea they would so closely resemble the terran "cocker spaniel" creature, but they quickly turned the resemblance to their advantage...

They infiltrated the homes of some of the most prominent people in the city. However, the invasion was quickly abandoned after the first of them suffered from the torture known as "spay and neuter." Terra was quarantined from the rest of the empire and designated to be the prison planet for only the most heinous of criminals.

From ivan23. What's your dream campaign for roleplaying?
I think it would have to be either a 7th Sea campaign set in Montainge and in Vodacce. Or, a Star Wars campaign set during the early part of the Empire's reign.

From evilmdguy. Fanfic? Are you mad? No way. I'll answer the stuff about the sire in an email. But, if you are really nice, I might let you read a couple more of the Hucked Tankard tales.

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