Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Starvation Mode

The trouble with being sick is that you end up eating wonky. That's really bad when you're on the Atkins' diet. Not just the possibility of going up in carbs, but the fact that you end up eating too -little-.

Eating too little in the way of calories can kick your body into starvation mode where, despite the amount of protein you eat, it will start breaking down your muscles first, storing the fat for the 'lean times ahead.' My gene lineage was a master at this. Not one of my ancesters ever starved during drought months due to the way my ancestors were able to pack on the fat.

Funny how that survival instinct from so long ago is being such a pain in the ass now.

But, I digress.

I was sitting here thinking about how I had not eaten very much in the last 24 hours. That spurred me on to figure out just how much I had eaten in carbs and calories - especially with the lozenges.

Calories: 250+540+105 = 895
Carbs: 27+18+26 = 71

Crap. I didn't even break 1000 calories and I would have been fine on the carbs if not for the carbs in the lozenges.

I worked out what I had eaten so far today and discovered that I had only eaten 800 calories and 8 carbs (all carbs from the lozenges). This was not good. Not at all. It was sure to kick my body into starvation mode if I didn't get at least 1500 calories in me today - at the minimum.

What to do... I decided to do the easiest thing I could do. Sacrifice my carb count for calories and get some fast food. So, when I went out to exchange Susan Coopers' Silver on the Tree for Neil Gaiman's American Gods, I stopped by Wendy's and picked up two Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers. If nothing else, that would put calories in me without TOO many carbs.

So, today...
Calories: 250+260+260+380+380+30 = 1530
Carbs: 34+34+8 = 76

This makes me relax some. I'm over 1500 for the day now. It won't really matter if I'm not hungry later - which I probably won't be. I wasn't last night.

I have to admit, it was really hard to eat those two burgers with buns and all. They made me really full. They tasted OK, but, being sick, not nearly as good as they should have. You know?

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