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The first dream of the new year...

I had my first strange and very emotional dream of the new year. I don't know if this bodes good or bad for me. Love, tsunamis and kzinti, oh my!

1st Dream of the New Year
I dreamt I was with Jeff Goldbloom, facing a crisis, an Armageddon, something like that. In our case, it was a tsunami. We has prepared for it as best we could but it was not enough. The tsunami swept over us, dragging us and many others along with it out to sea. He and I held onto each other as tight as we could until I was torn away by the current. I screamed his name but he went under. I couldn't get to him because of the current, the other people and the things in the water.

I was dragged along and away. When an undercurrent grabbed me and pulled me under I let it do it. I had lost Jeff. I was heartbroken. But, a hand from above plunged into the water and dragged me out. It was a handsome blond man. He pulled me onto his boat. I was the last survivor he managed to save. He held me there.

Time passed. I don't know if we were on the boat or on an island. I think, it was an island or land. The blond man and I had grown close. We both had lost someone. I was still mourning. He and I were laughing at something when Jeff hobbled into the room to surprise me. He saw me with the blond man and his face fell. He turned away.

I ran after him, leaving the blond man in confusion. I caught up with Jeff. We talked. I still loved him very much. I had started to move on because, "Well, you were dead." It turns out, Jeff had been rescued the week before and a woman was supposed to have told me. But she didn't. Seems she wanted to keep me from Jeff. I don't know why.

There is a shift in the dream and the blond man has told me that they are burying people alive - including Jeff. I had to sneak past the woman to the mass grave. I get into it and I start digging. The dead people I'm digging up with my hands are in the form of Ken and Barbie dolls. So, they are easy to move. When I come across the two living people, they are full sized and I dig them out. Jeff is one of them.

I find a grave site that looks like a large port hole filled with water. I look into it and there are people down there. All of them with their hands tied. I think they are dead. Jeff urges me that they are not. So, I open up the port hole and start pulling people out. People like Scully and Mulder as well as the blond man.

As I pull the people out of the water, they come alive and thank me for saving them. I pull everyone out, even the known bad guys because I can't just leave them there. That would be cruel. However, when I'm done pulling everyone out, I look around, it is daylight and we are in a grass plane that belongs to large leonoid creatures that look like the Kzinti.

The blond man is our leader. He drags a leoniod to the Kzinti leader, offering him as a peace offering. They accept. Stuff happens very fast. There is a bonfire. I am standing between Jeff and the blond man as we watch the Kzinti dance.


I don't know what it means. If anyone wants to take a crack at it, you are welcome to.

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