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Abstract Thoughts...

Abstract Thoughts
Yay! I got to finally see "The Stand" all of it, all at once. I've never seen it like that before and I discovered a couple of scenes I had never actually seen before. So, that was also cool. It was a whole lot of fun. Plus, I finally learned the name of the actor who played the charismatic Randall Flagg, Jamey Sheridan.

During the evening of "Them" and "The Stand," I inducted Rich and Blinkie into the Order of the Runcible Spoon as Battle Brothers in the Titanium Spork Brigade. *hehehe* Both new members appreciated the honor accorded to them.

Now, I'm at Dana street after having a lovely lunch with my friend Joanne at Kamei. Good food and good company. Now, I'm enjoying good coffee and a great atmosphere. Dana street is definitely showing up in Kendrick, I've decided. I just wish I could transport it up to Seattle now.

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