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Titanium Battle Sporks!

Between Heather and I, we bought about $150 worth of titanium sporks. Life is good. We also declared that REI woudl be the first place we'd loot when the apocalyse came because they have really cool stuff. We figure the apocalyse is soon with the killer flu, mad cow disease, earthquakes, terrorists and rabid terriors around.

You know, I love it when people just get it. On the way to REI, we picked up a friend of Heather's. He wanted to know what we were doing. We explained what (titanium sporks) and why (the coming apocalypse) and he said, "Oh. So, you can have soup or poke somebody's eye out. Cool."

After that, on the way to REI, Heather uttered the phrase "Titanium battle sporks." This phrase will be forever etched into my mind.

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