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Abstract Thoughts
24 December 2003
I'm here at Heather's, having a wonderful time. The 12.5 hour drive wasn't bad at all. I started getting a little tired around the 9th hour but generally, the drive went very smoothly. I enjoyed it. Thank God for cruise control. Once there, I got to watch Heather go up in level in Aikido. That was cool. I met her friend Tim (wastededucation) in a big way. *hehehe* But, I was hallucinating by that point. I slept something like 13 hours that night.

Heather and I met up with Michael (mahdi) and Elli (elisandra) for dinner. [Pictures forthcoming.] It was really good finally meeting Michael. Elli, I had not previously known but she and I hit it off as well. Cats were an easy common subject but, more surprising for me were the number of people we both knew. Everyone from BJ to 80% of the Palo Alto crowd to Sylvan and a couple of others up in Seattle. Boy, did I get an earful when it comes to old gossip/common knowledge about some folk. Whoosh!

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