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Plea to the universe...

Dear Universe and Creator,

Please, please, please let Mom accept my email in the spirit that I sent it in. Please don't let it turn into a fight.


Hiya Mom,

Thank you for the email. It was very sweet, if extremely biased. I know you send me these emails to brighten my day but sometimes, they just make me angry. I almost sent back this email with historical data on how these meanings were incorrect in a real world historical sense. However, I know that you did not send it out to make me angry nor to start another religious discussion that will invariably end with one or both of us really ticked off. Thank you for thinking of me, but I would prefer not to get emails about a usurped pagan holiday and how it is all about Christian goodness. Christ was born in lambing season. We celebrate it months later because, as all successful converting religions do, it co-opted the a pagan celebration in order to allow people to have their celebration while worshiping the new religion. In this case, it is the Winter Solstice that was co-opted. I hope you understand why I don't want to receive these emails. I do appreciate that you think of me, worry about me and love me. I love you very much. Thank you for understanding.


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