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Hello everyone. I've been thinking about this for a while. I need some new icons and I have no real artistic talent other than words. So, I thought I'd turn to you all for help.

Guidelines (as suggested by dancingshaman):
1. Please, no animated icons. I don't know how to upload them and animated icons usually flash far too fast for my taste.
2. No nekkid bits that I can't use while at the office.
3. No children. I'm an adult. I'd like to portray myself that way.
4. No swear words.
5. Stick mostly to females since I am one but this isn't a strick thing.

Here are the icons I'm looking for:
01. I'm feeling sexy and/or pretty.
02. I'm feeling very much loved or romance.
03. I'm happy/chipper/bouncy/fun.
04. I'm really very pissed off.
05. For my posts about writing.
06. A specific icon for when I've updated Abstract Thoughts.
07. I need to hide/low self esteem.
08. A couple icons to represent gaming: As a GM or as a player.
09. An icon for [A] night - Angel and Anime night.
10. A specific icon for my filtered TMI posts.
11. An icon you believe I should have for whatever reason. Make it and explain to me what you think I should use it for.

I really appreciate this. Thanks.

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