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Post-apocalyptic Goodness...?

It turns out that I've had to postpone (probably cancel) my Buffy game for this month. One person has out of town guests, another had to run his mother-in-law to the emergency room. The third has been feeling sick for the last week and welcomed the idea of more time for holiday errands and resting. The fourth had been debating about dealing with people in general when I called and welcomed the opportunity to hide. Ah, yes. The holidays are murder on gaming schedules.

So, it looks like I'll be seeing The Last Samurai later this afternoon. However, for now, I'm craving post-apocalyptic films like The Day After, The Stand, 28 Days Later and Resident Evil: Armageddon. What does that say about me and my state of mind?

Anyone want to watch six hours of The Stand goodness with me?

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