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My Editor Loves Me!

Awww! My editor from Black Gate is a great guy. We've been having ... issues... with getting stuff to me due to my address change. I've been really good keeping up-to-date on where things are (or aren't as the case may be) with me. He was so apologetic about it all. In our last exchange of emails, he mentioned he had extra product that wouldn't be reviewed and if there was anything I wanted, just name it, he'd send me a little gift to make up for everything. Since he didn't tell me what it was he had, I mentioned the couple of genres I actually collect the RPG books for.

Imagine my surprise when I come home tonight and find a decent-sized, heavy box waiting for me. In it were the following books:
  • D&D Ghostwalk (For Review)
  • D&D Book of Exalted Deeds (For Review)
  • Star Wars: Starships of the Galaxy
  • Star Wars: Galactic Campaign Guide
  • Star Wars: Hero's Guide
  • Star Wars: Power of the Jedi Sourcebook

  • Wow! I didn't have any of these books, yet! I'm happy and surprised. I'm guessing because I mentioned it was my birthday this month, he tossed in a couple extra books. Either that, or he hates Star Wars and this was a good way to get rid of them. Or, maybe it's because I have less than a week to read and review those two D&D books. In any case, I know what I'm doing as soon as I can convince my cat to get off the gaming books.

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