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"Don't try to fix me. I'm not broken!"

Flying fig leaves! I swear to the stars above, I'm going to just stop going to doctors! I saw Dr. Adad, a podiatrist, this morning. Nice guy. Apparently, I walk on my toes when I am supposed to walk on my heels. That's the main issue beyond flat feet and a bit of carpel tunnel in my ankle (goes by another name but I can't remember it). I'm probably going to end up with special inserts or some such. I can deal with all that.

Then, as we talked about other issues, he started urging me to get my back X-rayed because I've lost an inch of height in the last two years and he is wondering if I have something impacted in my back. But, the worst thing he came up with, noting all of the points of tenderness on my body (lower back, all over feet, hips, thighs) that maybe I should go see a Rheumatologist because I was showing symptoms of fibromyalgia - chronic, widespread pain in muscles and soft tissues surrounding joints, accompanied by fatigue. I googled fibromyalgia and I don't have practically any of these symptoms. For me, what it comes down to is this: Don't poke me and I don't hurt.

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