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"Look what's happen to me..."

"... I can't believe it myself. Suddenly, I'm top of the world. Should have been somebody else... Believe or not, I'm walking on air. I never thought I could feel so free-he-he. Flying away on a wing and a prayer... Who could this be? Believe or not, it's me..."

I'm up, I'm awake. I've taken apart my computer and put it back together. Ok, so, I opened up it, blew out all of the dust and replaced the RAM. It's a big thing for me, Miss Break-Machines-By-Looking-At-Them-Funny, to do all that. Now, I'm on my main computer again! Go me! It seems that sage_deer was right about the RAM being fried. First time, everything worked. Though, boot up is a little slower. But, it's all working and no freezes!

I didn't get my ice cream last night but I did get a long talk with zunger, which is better than ice cream in my book. There are more thoughts to this but, those will probably be left to my private paper journal. After that, I slept like a baby for the first time in a long time - with no 'helpers' like Excedrin PM or Melatonin. I know I had lots and lots of dreams. But, since I was sleeping so comfy, with a purring kitty at my side, I made no effort to remember them for later.

Now, I'm off to make Christmas gifts and watch movies. I will probably be logged in later, just relaxing.

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