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Le Sigh...

Well, I'm not exactly sure what is wrong with my main computer but the cycling power outages at my house have damaged it. I -think- it is the memory. If that is it, I'm ok. If it is more, I'm screwed.

If I just reboot, it ends up going to the Windows Registry Checker. Says it restored a back up and wants me to reboot... lather, rinse, repeat indefinitely.

If I do an F8 as it boots up, it complains that the HIMEM.SYS is missing. (It isn't.)

If I boot to Safe Mode, it doesn't work.

If I boot to the command line and run SCANREG /FIX, then reboot, it gets through to the login screen and allows me to login. It lets me do stuff for about 2 mintues, then freezes. If I reboot, we end up at the Windows Registry Checker again.

Talking to my friend, Sage, it sounds like my RAM is screwed. My next step is to get new RAM, install it and see if things work. In the meantime, I can use Princess for online access at home. But, that doesn't help with access to my stories. Ah, well.

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