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Damn angry again...

Once again, I am absolutely furious at a large corporation. This time, it is T-Mobile. I signed up for the one month account when I did not have internet access and I was in temp house. Apparently, somewhere in the tiny print called "Terms and Conditions" this automatically rolls over month to month - whether you use it or not - until you specifically CALL the service and cancel it. Oh, and if you call after the 30th of the month, it is an extra $25 administrative fee to cancel your account.

This has been going on for four months. The first month, I knew about. The second month, I missed it on my credit card bill. The third month, it wasn't on my credit card bill to catch and this fourth month, I was charged twice and I caught it. So, I have just been charged $120 on a service I haven't used and charged another $25 fee to stop a service I didn't want and didn't know I had.

Needless to say, this is me, telling you, if you do not plan to use a T-Mobile account for months in a row on a regular basis, do not subscribe to T-Mobile or be damn careful to immediately cancel your account.

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