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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Holiday Wrap Up - which is about, as expected, Turkey day weekend.

November 30
Holiday Wrap Up
Thanksgiving day was pretty good. First, I got paid 5 days earlier than I expected. I felt so much better with money in my account again. I slept in really late, then ran out to QFC for some shopping. Much to my surprise, it wasn't overwhelmed. So, I was in and out in about 30 minutes which allowed me to bake some cookies for going over to David and Lori's place. I got to meet a whole bunch of family. On Lori's side: Father and Step-mom. On David's side: Mom, Dad, brother, sister-in-law and two nephews. So, I got to here some good family stories. Including the fun "tiger" story that Lori liked so much. The food was incredible. Lucky me, I got to take home leftovers and I didn't have to cook or clean! Am I lucky or what. The best thing was the fact that the way David cooked the turkey reminded me of my family and the way my Dad cooks the turkey.

Friday was a fun day despite having my butt handed to me on a silver platter most of the day. First, it was physical therapy. Shelly had me doing several new exercises, including standing on a half sphere, full of gel to balance on one leg. Plus, we discussed why my left foot hurts after a short time in certain positions - a pinched/squeezed nerve. On the good side of things, we got to do the electrical thingy and it still makes my knee feel wonderful.

The afternoon was taken up over at Jesse and JenK's house where I lost every game I played. My usual luck was not with me. Then, Dana and I headed out to see Gothika. It was surprisingly good and definitely creepy. I'm not a fan of Halle Berry but she did an adequate job in it. As Dana put it, Nicole Kidman can't be in everything. The movie had some turns I did not see coming and I like that. Of course, now, my overactive imagination is getting the best of me.

Saturday was dedicated to an appointment with my personal trainer who did his usual encouragement and butt kicking. Then, I spent the rest of the day at home, watching movies, teasing the cat and eating junk food. While Sunday was spent with Andrew and Glenn having lunch at Neville's and watching Neverwhere. I thought it was a nice touch after having a proper British lunch. It's been a really nice holiday.
NaFicSubMo is done now and I think I can safely say that I am pleased at my performance.

The Goal: 30 submissions in 30 days
· Submitted: 42
· Already Accepted: 4
· Already Rejected: 7
· Still in Circulation: 31

Now, I'm onto writing the following short stories:
· Hall of Mirrors - Erotica
· Birthday Spankings - Erotica
· Dedicated to a Certain Judge - Surreal
· The House of Hands - Surreal/Horror
· Skin Deep - Horror
· The Rings of Horn and Ivory - Horror

There will be more stories in the next couple of months but I will probably be tailor creating them for specific calls of submission. These above have been sitting in my "ideas" file for far too long and it's about time I've written them.
It's been really interesting these last couple of days. Somewhere in here, I guess while I was talking about my moving and home buying experience, it really has hit home that I am home and all that implies. This condo is a place I can live for the rest of my life. I know exactly how much I need to pay each month to live here and not have the bank foreclose on me. I also know that the payments can only go down as I pay it all off. For the first time in my life, I can imagine living here "forever."

It's a very odd feeling for me to know that I really can honestly set down "roots" here. That the only timeline I'm on is my own. I don't have to decorate everything all at once. I can plan for school two years down the road. Or look at working part-time while I write part-time. I don't have to replace anything that isn't broken, just because I think it's ugly and lessens the value of the house. I'm not going anywhere.

There is a scary kind of comfort in it in all because this is something I've never had before. Not as a child. Nor as an adult... until now.

Tarot Card for the Day: Temperance

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