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Fever Dream...

I've been dealing with fevers for the past two mornings. I don't know why and they suck. But, I do have interesting dreams. My temperature this morning was 101. Currently, it's now to 99.3 which is still high for me. It used to be only 97.7 every morning. In any case, here is the dream I had.

Fever Dream
I dreamt I was at work, speaking with some of the more technically inclined of my co-workers (Paul, Woody, Keith). All men with good senses of humor. They wanted me to do something for them. I knew, in the end, I would do it but, for now, I was playing with them to lessen the tension. We ended up playing a weird game of tag. If they could get a coat over my shoulders, I would do the project for them. If not, I was home free.

We ran around the hallway, laughing and joking. I knew this was ok because it was after hours. I dashed past them down the hall and looked back at them. Now, Paul was shaking the coat as if it were a toreador's cape and I was the bull. I laughed, saying, "You can't get me to fall for that one." Then, something caught my attention from the corner of my eye.

I looked to my left, down the main hallway towards the lobby and saw a great darkness moving slowly towards me. In the center of the darkness were two great shining eyes. I got the impression of a great beast with horns, on all four. I didn't see this, I felt it. In its jaws was a dark haired woman, held by the scruff of her neck. I believe the beast was attempting to camouflage its approach with the woman. The darkness followed the beast, swallowing everything it passed. I was completely terrified. Panicked, I ran past my co-workers, shouting at them to run. I don't know if they did. I wasn't sticking around for that darkness to swallow me.

Once outside, where it was much cooler, I calmed and started walking down a dirt road. It was twilight and there was snow on the ground. I seem to be repeating a lecture a biologist told me about the little burrows in the lightly wooded hillside. It had something to do with the little animals digging 3 burrows and staying in only one. As I walked and watched, I saw that the biologist was right and found this fascinating.

I stopped by one and was surprised by a baby bear popping out. It ran to me and I played with it, trapping it beneath me. We were enjoying ourselves and the baby bear was happily vocalizing. I looked up to the right and way down the way the momma bear was there. I realized that she would not see me as a playmate but, as a danger. Her baby's vocalizing caught her attention.

I started to run through the trees back to the office. It was icy now. I did a whole lot of skating and sliding. The baby bear thought this was grand fun and followed me. Momma bear took a parallel course and looked really pissed off, snarling. The only thing I could think of to do was to cross the momma bear's path so the baby bear would run into her. It worked, thankfully.

I ran back into the office, coming upon some marketing people discussing the fact that some people can eat fire without knowing it. It had something to do with mercury oxide. I yelled at them about the darkness in the building and the bear outside the building. They looked at me like I was crazy. Seeing that I wasn't getting through to them, I ran down to the parking garage. I wasn't sticking around for any of it. However, as I got into the car, I saw the darkness approaching. Frantically, I turned the key but the car wouldn't start.


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