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Good, good and good!

Back from my doctor's appointment. I really like Dr. Smith and her staff. My blood pressure is down from 148/110 to 135/82 and not a single side effect. Plus, I finally have all of the paperwork for the 20/20 program done. Dr. Smith is hoping that as I lose weight on this program, I won't need the medicine anymore.

I'm really on a roll with my NaFicSubMo this month. My goal was 30 submissions in 30 days. I'm up to 38 so far. I really love the Ralan list. I've also decided that December, January and maybe February will be solely for writing all of those short stories in my "Ideas" folder. Plus, I'm going to start looking at writing short stories specifically for Calls for Submission.

Another good thing, I have had multiple invites for Thanksgiving. I'll be at Lori and David's for Thanksgiving and at Jesse and JenK's for "After Thanksgiving." Thank you to everyone who did invite me over.

Well, now that I'm at work, looks like I need to get to it.

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