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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with To Edit or Not - which is a lot about my NaFicSubMo, gaming, meeting new people and physical therapy.

November 20, 2003
To Edit or Not
From Wednesday...
Saturday, I met up with the group of gamers currently playing Tribe 8. It is a disturbing game in an interesting way. The group is currently 4 strong, with one about to drop out. I went. I played. I had a good time with these complete strangers. It was really nice. The Tribe 8 game is wrapping up December and we will be starting something called Heavy Gear after the first of the year. They would like one other player as well and there is one trying it out in December. If he doesn't fit the bill, it looks like Patrick will give it a go. I love RPing with Patrick. So, I kind of hope this other guy flakes.

Sunday, I ran my U of C Buffy game for JenK and Patrick. The other two were out of town and sick. It made things a bit interesting since the main villain for the episode really needed all four of them to kill it. So, the main villain is still out there, causing nasty havoc. On the good side of things, I got to introduce a couple of fun NPCs who will be main NPCs for the future. But, what I really liked was the character interaction between the two PCs. It is really shaking itself out well. I have high hopes for this game.

I've been doing pretty good with my NaFicSubMo stuff so far. 23 of 30 completed. I've started getting results back already. I'm surprised and pleased over all. Four acceptances and two positive rejections.

  • Voracity - Rejected "Tequila Shiver" but wants more stuff to see.
  • Prometheus - Tentative yes to "Sensations in the Dark" for print publication in issue #44.
  • SexLife - Accepted but I'm unable to do the radio spot due to time constraints.
  • In the Buff - Accepted "Disposable Clothes" to be published online and have already sent back edits for consideration.
  • Tales of the Paranormal - Rejected "First Time Client" but wants to see more.
  • Voracity - Accepted "The Answer" to be published in December online and the 2004 Anthology.

  • I know that some of these submissions will take a long time to get back to me but it is really cool to get some positive responses immediately. However, on the bad side, I can't really tell my co-workers about these successes. Heck, I can't even tell my family. Just my friends who understand that I write erotica as well as speculative fiction.

    However, now that I've had a chance to look at the changes and edits that In the Buff wants, I'm not really wild about them. In fact, this is the first time I've run into a situation where I'm really having to stop and think about whether or not I want to go with the edits or withdraw my submission. The edits will really change the work and I'm not sure if I'm happy about that.

    You see, Disposable Clothes is a true story. It really happened to me. The editor wants me to take out all references to a knife being used in the fear play. Also, she took out all of my personal reactions that were on a low self-esteem level about anal play. She's asked me to put in a full anal scene as well as a light caning scene with metal rod that the knife has become. I can see why she wants all of this. But, if I write it, it won't be the same. It will turn into a fictional story based on the true account called Disposable Clothes. Which I can see doing, if I change the title in addition to the other changes. I'm really not sure what I want to do at this point. I've got until Monday to make the changes or withdraw the submission.

    From Thursday...
    I had a physical therapy appointment today. Met a really nice therapist. Can't remember her name for the life of me. However, after her poking and prodding, she determined that I seem to have done something to my meniscus, the pad between my knee joint and my tibia. We determined it basically by her doing something to my knee and asking, "Does this hurt?" "No." "This?" "No." "What about this?" "Holy Toledo! Yes!" "Ah. And this?" *grab table I'm laying on* "Yes! Yes! Ow!" "Hmmm. OK. I see what's wrong."

    From that point, she had me do a hellish set of 90 leg lifts - 30 lifts in three different positions - twice. Can you say "Ow!"? I knew you could. I'm supposed to do two sets of 90 leg lifts per leg twice a day. Plus, I'm supposed to get in as much physical therapy as my schedule can manage it. MS pays for all PT appointments with no co-pay as long as the physical therapist thinks you need it. She really thinks I need it. She's recommending 3 times a week. I'm going to try out my 20/20 program schedule I'm thinking of Tues - Thurs - Sat. Also, afterwards, I'll go spend 30 minutes on a good cardio work out. At least, it's a plan. One that's gonna hurt but I prefer that pain to the pain of not being able to walk at all.

    Tonight, I got to meet up with elfric and taxqueen for dinner at the Spaghetti Factory. I had a really good time. We gabbed for a couple hours. Even me. I managed to get myself out of my observation mode so I wasn't just "hiding and watching." That might have made things very uncomfortable. But, I was very comfy the whole night. Lee and Karen are a lot of fun to watch and talk to. They do the cute-bicker-we're-a-comfy-couple thing really well.

    It turns out that they live maybe all of a mile away from me in Redmond. That's awesome. I can see me hanging out with either or both of them over the coming months to watch movies, chit-chat or to learn how to play the board game that Karen mentioned to me that I can't remember the name. Settlers of something, I think. In any case, it was an excellent evening and time well spent with new friends.

    From the too-cute-for-words file, Esme has a new trick. When she really wants my attention while I'm on the computer, she will get on the loveseat behind me, step partway onto my chair arm and will politely tap me on the shoulder once. I find this so adorable that I reward her with what she wants - my attention.

    Tarot Card for the Day: Death


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