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Meme time!

Thankful Thursday
01. For indulgent friends.
02. For having a "get to know you" dinner date thingy tonight.
03. For having a planned dinner with old friends tomorrow night.
04. For having a planned lunch with runnerwolf on Saturday.
05. For getting aggressive at work and planning to deal with an 'issue' at work.
06. For the support of co-workers (esp random_girl) on my planning idea.
07. For email keeping me in touch with missed loved ones.
08. For Noir because it is just that surreal.
09. For cool and interesting dreams.
10. For having multiple Thanksgiving invites - you all really like me!

First and Last Meme:
First real kiss: I had just turned 16. I don't remember his name but I remember he was a smoker. Blech.
First job: K-mart, the deli counter.
First screen name: Starfire.
First self-purchased album: Staind, Breaking the Cycle.
First funeral: 1989, Sean.
First pet: A dog named Scruffy.
First piercing: Ears when I was 12.
First true love: Robert Hill, college love. Reminds me. I need to call him.
First big trip: 1976, from New Jersey to Florida in a car.

Last big car ride: From CA to WA with hansandersen.
Last kiss: Last real kiss... last time I was in CA with my sweetie.
Last good cry: Last Saturday.
Last movie seen: Extreme Edition of Terminator 2.
Last beverage drank: Diet Ice, Strawberry-kiwi.
Last food consumed: Scrambled eggs with mushrooms and sausage.
Last phone call: Yesterday, to my mom, during a blackout at work.
Last TV show watched: Jeff Corwin, Animal Planet.
Last shoes worn: My Merrel's, right now.
Last CD played: Heather Alexander's, Midsummer Album.
Last item bought: Not including food or services, pants from The Avenue.
Last disappointment: Hearing I wouldn't be seeing my sweetie for Thanksgiving.
Last soda drank: Diet Ice, Strawberry-kiwi.
Last ice cream eaten: New York Super Fudge Chunk.
Last shirt worn: Burgundy velvet tank top with black sweater over it.

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