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Some results!

A result from three of my NaFicSubMo erotica submissions:

Prometheus has given me a tentative yes for Issue #44 for Disposable Clothes but I'm not counting it until it is a definite yes.

Also, I got this back:
Jenn/Me: Well damn.
Jenn/Me: One of my submissions came back and wanted me to do a webcast radio spot, talking about erotica and reading one of my pieces on the air... but it's on a day I already have booked.
Friend: Holy shit!
Friend: That's great.
Jenn/Me: Yeah. I've turned her down, the show is called "SexLife" with Dane Ballard. But I've promised to let her know when Closet Desires IV comes out. Hopefully, she'll be able to get me on the air then.
Friend: :D
Friend: I'm pleased about that.

Also, I've been turned down by Voracity. However, they gave me a positive, "please let us see more stuff" rejection.

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