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Sting Operation

I have the weirdest, screwiest dreams sometimes. This dream, Sting Operation, involved a cowboy Middle Earth sting operation to stop the illegal ascension of the Donner Party. Starring me, Thea and Monte.

Sting Operation
I dreamt that Thea, Monte and I were part of an undercover group, trying to infiltrate a gang. When the dream started, it was in Middle Earth but vaguely cowboyish. Monte turned himself into Gandalf at one point, to 'prove' who he was. Then, Thea and I, dressed in peasant garb, went with two men to do some sort of errand that involved us climbing up ropes through a waterfall. Obviously, we all got really wet and our white chemise became see-through. Thea was delighted with the waterfall and how her wet clothing felt. I, on the other hand, noticed how the two men watched us. I got all protective and possessive of Thea over it. In order to protect her, I pretended to be her girlfriend. I kept my body between her and them, occasionally holding her hand or kissing her. She was surprised, but understood what was going on. Then, she played it up, embarrassing me.

When we got back to Monte and the rest, we had to prepare for the ascension ceremony that involved us following the path of the Donner party to the Donner homestead and taking their place. The point was not to eat any of the fellow party members. I remember not being too concerned with that. What I was concerned with was the role that Thea and I were to play in this - whores. Monte was the leader and there was going to be a big sting operation once we got to the homestead because, apparently, this whole Donner party ascension thing was illegal.

Once we got there, we saw that the places we were to take were to mimic murder victims. Thea and I had our arms tied behind our backs and were placed up against poles. At this point, I wearing nothing but red lace lingerie - including silk stockings, garters and high heels. However, as we were being put in place, I noticed how the men were looking at me and Monte. Monte and I realized that the sting operation had been leaked, that we and our men were in danger.

Suddenly, the whole thing broke out into a huge fight. It was night time and there were fires going. Monte was fighting 2 or 3 of them. Thea, thankfully, had gone to hide. That left me in trouble since I was almost naked with my arms tied behind my back, running away from the men who obviously wanted me for more than my smarts. I remember there was a huge fight, I got my arms free and I managed to keep the bad guys off of me, even though I was at an obvious disadvantage.

That was until Russell (a project manager from work), was called upon to pin me down so the man who was struggling with me could have his way with me. Russell was supposed to be one our side but, he gave me a "I'm stuck" look and reached out a hand to telekinetically hold me down. I knew right then, he was the one who leaked the sting operation to the bed guys and was playing both sides of the fence. Pinned down, the guy that had been so passionate about finally getting me, was right there. He pried open my knees and leered triumphantly....

Until he was smacked into next Tuesday by a 2x4 wielded by Monte, who then proceeded to do the same thing to Russell. Monte, at this point, looked like Tommy Lee Jones from "The Missing" as he reached down to help me up.

[As a side note, I was never actually afraid in the dream. Just wary and determined.]


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