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Poll responses...

Answers to my little poll...

deyo: It might be better that there weren't enough characters for your answer. Oh, my! *grin*
mahdi: From your lips to the PTB's ears.
zunger: Yes! Definitely. Soon, I hope.
jw1776: Perhaps, someday. :)
jemstone: Easy. Just move up here. *hehehe*
bunyip: That would be very nice.
wolfieboy: Between your schedule and mine, that should be penciled in sometime next year.
streamweaver: A man after my own heart.
darkmane: I don't know. I've heard some bad things about people who offer to do that. *hehehe*
stonemirror: Coffee dates are /always/ good.
amberite: This is probably the nicest thing said out of this whole poll. Thank you.
lost_lethe: Yeah, right. I'd have to check your bags before you left. :)
mrissa: Who knows? Maybe I'll make it out that way and we'll be able to do that.
harroldsheep: P'nuck? Do we know each other?
cadmus: Perfect! When?

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