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Well, duh...

Casey forgot to set his alarm this morning, thus I had to commute in by myself and test out the whole tape book for the commute. Man, I am never not going to have a book on tape for long drives! It made the drive so short, it was almost startling. I was disappointed that I got to work so quickly because I wanted to continue listening! I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner. Seriously. It's one of those "Well, duh!" moments. If I ever have to do the solo commute on a regular basis, I'm definitely going to keep my tape recorder in the car.

Of course, the walk was over too soon, too. Ah, well. I have tonight's commute home. *grin*

Another good thing... I rediscovered a pair of earrings that were a gift from britgeekgrrl a couple years ago for either my birthday or christmas. These earrings are surprisingly beautiful to me in their understated elegance. They are a pair of faceted amber earrings of a rich reddish amber in a teardrop shape on silver hooks with no bugs in them. (I don't like bugs in my amber jewelry. I don't care how fashionable it is.) Johanna must have gotten them for me in my amber phase and must have spent a pretty penny on them. If not, she got a great deal because they look expensive at what looks like 4-6 carats of amber per earring. I just love them!

Also, I'm down four pounds which always makes me happy! *grin* I'm just in such a good mood. I like being in this good mood. Infectious smiles and all that.

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