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I'm back from the Pro Club. Woo! I am so out of shape. Wow. The person who was supposed to give me my free personal trainer consultation didn't show (had a test, guess the guy who set it up didn't know), so the manager declared that not only was I going to get my first consultation free, he was going to pay for the second one himself. Cool.

I met the replacement trainer, Kulo. Nice guy, affable and understanding to my lack of fitness at any level save strength. Apparently, my strength is in the upper good range and "impressive" for someone in my shape. However, I have no flexibility at all.

I'm starting out all cardo with weights being tossed in within the next two weeks. I found out how much the trainers go per hour. Not cheap but not too out of my budget. I'm probably going to see Kulo once a week for the next couple of weeks, then move to every other week.

Now, I'm going to go collapse. :)

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