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Alphabet Friends Meme...

A meme from miraclemax that I thought was kind of neat. Though, choosing only one name for each letter was really difficult.

Rhyming Alphabet Meme
A is for artistic_chaos, as creative as they come.
B is for baronlaw, always bringing the fun.
C is for catling, who I met just yesterday.
D is for deyo, who paved the road for my QA way.
E is for elishevateth, beautiful inside and out.
F is for kaidevis, walker of spirit roads without a doubt.
G is for gothboiblinkie, "youngest" male and good friend.
H is for hansandersen, with whom I would do the journey all over again.
I is for ivan23, a groovy gamer beyond compare.
J is for jephly and jrseudonym, one of my favorite pair.
K is for koga, with the sharpest of wit.
L is for lemurling, whose adventures always make me think and sit.
M is for miraclemax, a new friend indeed.
N is for None, an N friend I need.
O is for charmingmonstrs, whom I've read for many years.
P is for random_girl, for whom I'm always all ears.
Q is for danaeris, a lady so sweet.
R is for runnerwolf, whom I have yet to meet.
S is for s33k3r, whom I admire above all.
T is for helionaut, who's still seeking his call.
U is for unkyrich, the brother of my heart.
V is for vmurther, another who is never far apart.
W is for mockinggreylock, a lady of beauty, fair and fine.
X is for Ximena, who once was a devious character of mine.
Y is for youdunnit, the LARP that started it all, by and by.
Z is for zunger, my favorite feral scientist and my best guy.

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