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Scary Movie anyone?

I'm going to go see Scary Movie 3 (which rips on both the Matrix and the Ring) at the Galleria in Bellevue, Friday night at 7:30pm. Meeting people there at 7:00pmish with a good chance of going there earlier for dinner at the Thai place. If you are interested in joining me and hansandersen, please comment so we know to look for you.

Thankful Thursday
01. For late night phone calls with my best guy just talking, being silly and understanding.
02. For catling because she was brave enough to come out and meet new people on [A] night. She's neat and a gamer! I'm thrilled. She's probably going to join my impending Buffyverse (or 7th Sea) game.
03. For jw1776 because he went to the movies with me when I really didn't want to be by myself that night.
04. For the Pro Club and all of its wonderful potential.
05. For remembering that I do like walking in the raining.
06. For those people who read, understand and comment on my TMI posts in constructive and interested manners. Also, for the requests of TMI topics.
07. For the myriad of story ideas in my head.
08. For personal attitude adjustments.
09. For finally starting to feel a little bit more settled in.
10. For hansandersen for being an excellent person and a good friend.

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