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Cheese and Whine...

I'm in an extremely pathetic, whiney mood. [whine] I'm sick. I don't feel good. Everything seems so much harder than it has to be. I miss Heather. I miss my CA friends. I want them to come back now. Dammit. [/whine]

On the good side of life, my feature review today was, comparatively, a piece of cake. I got asked only one hard question by the Prince about XML APIs and, being in no mood to fence with him, I answered him honestly, firmly and in such a manner that he did no follow up. It seems that he is impressed with all the work we all have been doing on these test specs and reviews.

[For those who do not already know, I've occasionally likened my job to a LARP. In short: my team lead is a primogen. The Test manager is the Prince. He reports to the local archon [group manager] who reports to the local justicar who reports to Caine, Bgates.]

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