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What a day! So far, nothing has disappointed me. I went on my tour of the Pro Club in Redmond this morning. I am awed and amazed at how big and how comfortable it was. Every single worker was in fine spirits, polite, nice and engaging. Every single one. I'm wondering if they are putting something in the water. Or, if it had something to do with everyone being on a 'runner's high' or being Washingtonians (who, by nature, seem to be really nice) or some combination of the above mentioned. I am really excited! I have my equipment introduction this Tuesday and an orientation to the 20/20 health and fitness program (of which MS will pay 80%) next week Tuesday. I've really missed working out at a gym.

Then, it was off to pick up an elevated queen sized Aero bed for my guests. Actually, I bought the bed for when my mom comes out to visit. I didn't want her displacing me out of my bed. I set up the bed and it actually did what was advertised! It is of a good height to get into and out of (Mom has knee problems) and it easily supported my weight comfortably.

Finally, shopping for guests and the party tomorrow night and chocolate for Hans' little shindig. I got lots of snackage so my guests won't starve. Oh! If you would like alcohol at the party, you will have to bring it. I didn't get any at all. I'm sorry. Just lots of sodas.

There's still a lot to do (IE: making my home presentable) but I'm feeling pretty darned good about everything so far.

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