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[Dreamlines...] Zombies

I had a rather disturbing dream this morning about zombies. artistic_chaos and zunger feature in it.

This dream started out with me at a party. At the party, people started turning into zombies. I was one of the first people to notice it. The problem with these zombies was, to begin with, they were just as fast and smart as they were when they were alive. Just a lot more vicious and cruel. A big fight ensued until I decided that this was a losing proposition as it was. So, me and two other females decided to hightail it out of there. As we were running to the only car available, one of the other women noticed that she had been scratched or cut and, most likely, she was infected. Soon, she would be a zombie. I looked to the second woman, who was now recognizable as Heather, and as much as we didn't want to do it, we made the decision to leave the other woman behind. The third woman sighed and nodded, knowing that this was the best thing. She turned and walked away.

The car was a limo with a flat tire. Heather and I got into it and, as I started it up, I told her I could change the tire later, when we were in a less urban area and less likely to be attacked. She agreed. Unfortunately, the car wouldn't go over about 10 miles an hour. We were literally overtaken by a hoard of zombies in combat with a street gang. At that point, Heather and I decided to take our weapons and hoof it to the school. Heather's college, I believe. I guess I had been visiting her.

My weapon look like nothing more than a circle of bamboo. However, it smote every zombie I whacked with it. I'm not sure what that was all about but, that weapon was important to me.

We made it into the school where other survivors were holing up. It looked like a couple of open classrooms on the second floor. Everyone was milling around. Since I had survived several attacks, I got up on the table and started calling for people's attention - just in time for another person, a black man, to give a rousing "we can do it, we will survive" speech. He spoke better than I did. So, I decided to start shoring up the defenses. I scurried around, telling people to lock doors, post look-outs and bar windows.

As I was doing this, I noticed that both Heather and Yony were doing the same. My third party witness to this dream knew that I was not dating Yony. In this reality, he was just a good friend. In fact, I was dating Heather. Neither of these revelations surprised nor upset me as the dream watcher. They were just facts and the dream moved on.

While I was doing all of these, another woman came by with a list for my name. They decided that they needed to abandon this area. Someone was coming in with the equivalent of a Bradley but space was limited. So, they were being brutally pragmatic and taking only those people who were real survivors and were actively working to protect the group. Survival of the fittest. I looked at the list. Yony and Heather were on it. I accepted this. Since they were on, I didn't care who else was there.

I went back to patrolling. Just as I found one guy talking on a cell phone and not watching his post, we were attacked by zombies. They poured in from that spot and the ceiling - the one spot no one had thought to watch or protect. The fighting was awful. Heather and I ended up back to back, fighting off the zombies. They would dust when we killed them but there were so many.

[At this point, I forced myself awake because I didn't like the way it was going. I kept myself awake for a bit, trying to think of something else. However, when I fell back asleep, I fell right back into the same dream. Just a few minutes later.]

It seemed that we had successfully repelled the zombie hoard with minimal casualties and were tending to our wounds. Randal Flagg suddenly appeared. He was leaning against the wall. We all immediately went into defensive positions. He started talking to us, saying that this was not what he had planned. He didn't want to wipe out the human race. That would leave nothing for him to feed on. So, he was pulling back the zombie hoard just enough for us to get away in the Bradley.

We were furious because we knew this zombie plague was his fault and he had lost control of it. But, he wanted certain people to be left behind. One was the black speaker who had rallied the troops. We did disagreed and vehemently expressed our displeasure. He blocked two attacks on him. Then, I tossed a bucket of holy water on him and that really angered him. "That's enough of you for now." He glared at me and "tapped" me on the forehead (from about 5 feet away) and forced me to wake up.

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