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Veteran of the Online Wars...

Wow. Do I sound like a bitter old war veteran or what? This is an email exchange between me and someone interested in Gor.

I see most of the updates have slackened on your page, but I felt it necissary to at least say hello. :) I am 'Fate,' 20/F, Floridian seeking a BA in Hospitality, and deeply interested in the Gorean philosophy. I'm working (slowly but surely) on reading and learning about Gorean, and have been slowly digesting your page. (if you were wondering which one)

I'm a little shy at writing you, I'll admit-- but I've read through your RL stories and have come across similar things in my life, as well. I won't go into detail, I'm sure you're not entirely keen on reading stuff like that. I just thought I'd extend a rather shaky hand out to you, seeing as you appear to be someone that I could possibly relate to. I'm also a big VtM fan, and have written a bit here and there about various things from Sci-Fi to Erotica.

Anyways, I won't jumble your email box further-- though please feel free to email me

Hello Fate,
Thanks for the compliments to my writings. What can I do for you?

As it seem your page hasn't been updated too much lately, are you still doing Gorean? Any hints or tips a (senior slave?) would have someone new to Gorean? Anything would be greatly appreciated.

I have not been in Gor since 1999. Out of deference to some friends, I've left my page up.

Hints and Tips
- Don't go looking for therapy online. There are a lot of screwed up people out there and they will happily fuck with you for their own pleasure.
- Remember that it is all just pixels on the screen. Enjoy but don't overdo it.
- There are a LOT of liars and cheats out there. For some reason, Gor attracts them. Don't give people money. If something smells wrong, it probably is. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.
- Log everything.
- Keep copies of your work. Both in hard and soft copy with dates on it.
- 90% of people are not who they pretend to be online. If fantasy is what you are after, enjoy. If it is more, join a local BDSM club.
- - read and learn
- Watch for a while. Watch how people interact. See what you like and what you don't like. If you don't like what you see, leave and don't return.
- Figure out if it is Gor or BDSM you are looking for and choose. Most places won't let you be both.

Good luck,

Thanks for your help, Jennifer. It really means a lot to me. :)

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