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You know, I know that random_girl and I sit in the same office but that does not mean that we are the same person! Nor do we look alike. However, this concept seems to be hard for some people to get. This just happened to me.

Me: *walking by the CSG room*
Him: Lori! Lori! I'm about to send to you off an email about [product X].
Me: *coming back* I'm Jenn. Did you want me or Lori?
Him: I'm sorry! I want you. I'm sending you an email about [product X]...
Me: *blank stare*
Him: Didn't you come and ask me about [product X]?
Me: No. Sorry.
Him: Oh, gosh. It must have been Jenn. I'm sorry.
Me: I'm Jenn!
Others: *laughter*
Him: *ack* I'm sorry! I'm sorry! You two should not be allowed to stay in the same office! Yes, it's Lori I want. Sorry.
Me: Ok. Me - black hair. Lori - red hair.
Others: *laughter*

People seem to think that she and I are the same person and have the same knowledge because we sit in the same office. Not true but people do not want to believe this.

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