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Interesting Dreams

I had an odd dream yesterday which was summed up with the following as I related it to Hans. I said something like, "So, this smarmy lady wanted to come back into the house I bought with my sister, that turned out to have been the main distributor of marijuana to McDonald's, to look for something with a special tool that I had but I was more concerned about the large Maraduke dog, also living in the house, who made things really exciting every time we met until he remembered me." I have very strange dreams sometimes.

However, last night, I dreamt that I needed to find a pair of traveler rings, like the one kaidevis gave me as a going away gift, in order to charge and give away and I had to do it real darn soon. The dream was very insistent on it. In fact, I think it was Fenwick who was telling me what I needed to do in the dream but that part is a bit fuzzy.

As a side note, today's Casey & Andy comic is damn funny. I had something like that happen after I left the Lake Champlain house to live on my own and get away from people.

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