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Thankful Thursday.

From runnerwolf: Thankful Thursday. Today, I am thankful for the following.
01. I have good friends who look after me.
02. I have a job that pays well and only occasionally drives me insane.
03. I have started hanging curtains.
04. I have started plotting something fun.
05. Some very much missed people are going to come up to see me on my house warming weekend.
06. Late night conversations over interesting and occasionally rough topics.
07. Rufus.
08. Edward Blair Leighton's The Accolade
09. An officemate who understands when I spaz that it's not personal and helps out.
10. Despite so many things going wrong, things ending up alright over all.

"Dear Dr. Brezsny: With the help of a flood of pithy coincidences, I've become aware that the Universal Mind recently lost Her train of thought. I believe we are now under the care of a substitute 'Universal Mind,' and that therefore the laws of karma are not being enforced as strictly as usual. Cosmic SLACK is available in extravagant amounts. Tell your readers so they may take advantage of it by aggressively reconfiguring their little slice of reality to reflect their deepest needs. -Opportunistic Sagittarius" Dear Opportunistic: Good catch. I totally agree with your assessment, especially as it applies to you Sagittarians. As you suggest, karma now has a reduced power to whip your fate this way and that; your willpower has more room than usual in which to maneuver. I call this phase "Freedom from Cosmic Compulsion."

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