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Dedication from a Mad Scientist...

artistic_chaos: btw, i officially dedicate my rewired network to you :)
Me: Yes! I'll take it!
artistic_chaos: it took lots of grunting and heavy lifting
artistic_chaos: but my switch and modem are now much more easily accessible
Me: What did you do?
artistic_chaos: and the design is more elegant
Me: That's good.
artistic_chaos: i lifted my bed, pulled more cable out of the wall, moved my switch, and stacked my modem
artistic_chaos: it did involve some mad science engineering
artistic_chaos: but is now much better to work with
Me: It sounds like it.
artistic_chaos: will make outages and troubleshooting easier
Me: I hope it won't cause the outages to come easier.
artistic_chaos: heh
artistic_chaos: me too :)
Me: Though, like all mad scientists, you need a flaw in your design.
artistic_chaos: there is a flaw
Me: ?
artistic_chaos: in absense of more appropriate building materials
artistic_chaos: i used a paintbrush to make a temporary shelf in the crate for my cable modem
artistic_chaos: but i never use that brush, so it should be ok :)
Me: *snicker* But, now that you have done this, it will be the *perfect* brush in your next masterpiece.
artistic_chaos: of course
Me: Well, it seems that you have followed all of the rules and I have it dedicated to me. I'm a happy woman.
artistic_chaos: hurray :)
Me: *grin*

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