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Kitty in the Microwave?

It's not often you hear a cat lover say, "When I first put the kitty in the microwave, I usually do it for 2 minutes." However, that is exactly what random_girl said to me about 10 minutes ago and that is exactly what I did. Obviously, this is no ordinary kitty cat. No. This is Microwave Kitty! A heroic fabric friend designed to bring soothing warmth to whatever part of the body ails you. Microwave Kitty is filled with all sorts of neat stuff that smells good and holds warmth. Currently, Microwave Kitty is snuggle against my lap and lower tummy region, imparting a soothing warmth that really does remind me of a real, living, breathing cat. The only thing I'm missing is the slight purr of contentment such snuggling usually brings. I think I need to get me one of these fabric friends. He feels really good.

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