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Haunted By a Powerless Shadow from a Frozen Castle

I am now haunted by my time spent entertaining hundreds of people in a place called Castle Marrach. Maybe haunted is too strong of a word. Occasionally bothered? No, not just bothered. Hmmm. Reminded. That's better. It's not all been bad. Many times when I'm reminded, people are thanking me for their good memories. Sometimes, I'm asked if I'm going to come back. The answer is always "Thank you and no." Some want to know why.

March 2002, I left Marrach as a storyplotter for good. That was 1.5 years ago. I had planned it to be just a short break and to come back as a player. By December 2002, I was being stalked by a person from Marrach but she was easy enough to simply ignore. March 2003, I started thinking about coming back. A little late but better late than never. However, by May 2003, I discovered that I had neither the time, nor the interest to continue. I quietly left and let my subscription run out.

However, like a bad penny, there's always one in a crowd who just has to get their two cents worth in. In this case, someone who decided to get a LiveJournal for the express purpose of keeping tabs on those people who play(ed) in Marrach. Someone who probably has been banned from the game for good reason but just can't let it go. Actually, I think they did it to harass a friend of mine from Marrach. Tonight, I had my first comment from this person. It was mean and vile and full of hate...

... and it meant nothing to me. This surprised me, considering the high amount of stress I am currently under. I read it. I smiled, shaking my head, wondering how sad this person's life is that they just can't let go of something that is so far in my past that I never think of it unless it is brought up to me first. Without remorse nor malice, I deleted the comment and I banned the person from ever commenting in my journal again.

So, to you, sad shadow, in the words of Sara from Labyrinth I say, "You have no power over me."

Thank you and good night.

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