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Advice on TVs needed...

I got to write another one of those exciting checks to Costco again. I now have a beautiful king size bed (What can I say? I like my rolling around room.)and a new computer desk (It's smaller, prettier and more ergonomic.) on the way. I also discovered the and Costco are actually two different companies. This is why there is so much more cool stuff at Costco Home than online and it's a good 1/3 to 1/2 cheaper! The bed has an entire bedroom set that goes with it that is just gorgeous. I think I'm going to add it to my "medium sized" lists of wants.

The putting away of clothing is going slowly. Mostly because I've been busy with other things - actually cooking dinner for myself (my oven runs hot, I've discovered), other unpacking and Costco and just stuff. I have to decide if I'm going to finish my bedroom tonight or start on the office with the hundreds of books to unpack.

Finally, of the things I want to buy upfront, I'm just left with a new TV and surround sound theater. I'm not sure where to go to buy this stuff. I really have nothing to add to. The little TV is either going to be given away or stored somewhere. I do know I have 32" of width that my TV can fit into. I'm thinking about a 27" flat screen. The home theater system will come with a DVD player and I'm probably going to get TiVo at the same time. But, anyone has recommendations on what kind of systems to get/avoid or where to go in the Seattle/Redmond area to get this, I would appreciate it.

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