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Still Unpacking

Last night, I completely unpacked my bedroom and bathroom. There's only one box left and it's holding all my BDSM toys. The box, btw, was labeled "Closet, Misc." However, even though my boxes are gone, the bedroom is not done by a long shot. All of the clothing I washed and neatly folded into the hampers got -dumped- into a box and covered with paper. So, currently, I have several large piles of clothing around my bedroom that need to be either hung up or folded and put away. That is on tonight's agenda if I don't go to Costco to buy a bed.

The weather here is finally cooling down and we even had some rain! It was good. This is the weather I like. The only problem I'm running into is how bright it is outside with the sun reflecting off of the clouds all the time. My sun glasses are too dark but without them, I'm doing a lot of squinting. Just one more thing on my list of things to do.

My list for the handyman return is growing. Both showers have no water pressure because when the plug is pulled up, the seal doesn't do its' job. So far, I've had two really disappointing showers in my place. This is something that -must- be fixed ASAP. I mean, I have showers on an almost daily basis. I like a good water pressure. By the time I'm done with this "necessary" list, I'm going to have another week's worth of stuff for Karl to do.

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