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First post from home...

Written last night. Posted today - my first post from home.*cheer* I've even had my first 'cooked meal' (top ramen) here now. *grin*

I just got home from seeing The Order. I didn't go into it expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised. I can say that it will be a box office flop but, I enjoyed it. It is a very thought provoking (and as Hans put it, plot provoking) film. Right now, I really wish I had Yony, Monte, Heather, Jeanne, Rich and Hans here at my home to have seen the movie and be discussing some resulting thoughts about it over a few bottles of a favorite libation.

I am most interested in the concept of a sin eater. I'm sure there is a biblical bases for the concept - a person who can absolve a person of sin outside the church.

Thinking about it mundanely, I am certain that as the -cult- of Christ first began, there were many disagreements and offshoots from the main cult. So, it stands to reason that there was a cult, condemned by the main branch, who had priestly sin eaters. People who would absolve someone of their sins, whether or not they were a member of the church. This would be performed by people who were not recognized priests.

Thinking about it plot-wise, Hans and I started the discussion about the concept of the sin eater before we even saw the movie. Making some wild ass guesses to what this was, we came up with the following thoughts.

- It was an evil cult that did evil things and there was one priest, the sin eater, who could mystically absolve the members of sin, taking their sins into themselves. When it came time for the sin eater to die, their apprentice would take the sins of the cult into themselves and the cycle of evil doing without remorse could continue.

- Flip this around and make it a good cult who had to do evil things in the name of good and the sin eater took the burden of the sin into themselves for their members then spent the rest of their life atoning for the sins of the entire cult.

- All of this begged the question, "Who was the first sin eater?" It was suddenly obvious to me. Jesus Christ. What if he was the first sin eater and it took three days for him to rise because that is how long it took the ceremony to transfer the burden of the sins of the world to his successor. In my head, I could hear the narrator speak... "In every generation, a chosen one is born to become the barrier between humanity and the end of the world. They are the Sin Eater. The knowledge and responsibility is passed down from generation to generation to carry the sins of the world. What would you do if you discovered that you were the chosen one, destined to truly understand the weight of sin? Would you accept the burden or would you force Christ to return to accept it one last time before the end comes?" I told you it was plot provoking. This whole train of thought intrigues me.

Yony? Heather? What do you think?

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