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Victory Conditions...

All my stuff has arrived and been moved into my condo! Now, the chaos of unpacking can begin. Yay! I'm so excited. It's so nice to see my stuff around me. It fits well in my new place. There were only two causalities in the entire move: The seven foot bookcase got both scratched and paint rubbed into it. Also, much more to my dismay, one of my cat gargoyles lost part of a wing. It is not fixable at all. I am bummed about it. I will do a claim report for both of these items.

Oh, btw, I won today! The Victory Conditions of the day were:
1. To find all of the bedding and make up the bed.
2. To set up my computer.

The first one wasn't hard. But, man, I don't like popcorn ceilings. Every time I bumped it in the master bedroom, white was exposed. Sure, those can be random stars but, in the future, no more popcorn ceilings. The second one was a heck of a lot harder than excepted. I ended up opening more than half of the boxes in my place looking for the bloody keyboard. I finally found it in the last box marked "office." I'm still missing my linksys router but that was not needed to make the computer work. So, finding the router will be a victory condition for another day.

I christened my home with both the orchestral and techno versions of "Duel of the Fates." I found it oddly appropriate. My prize for succeeding in my goals? A call to my sweetie, then a manicure and a pedicure (my first). I'm feeling mighty happy now. I will be fully in my place by Saturday.

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