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Unholy hour

Whoever said that "parting is such sweet sorrow" was an moron. There's nothing sweet about saying good-bye. Ok. I suppose if you are living together, saying good bye in the morning could be counted as sweet sorrow but for now, for me, parting sucks.

Up at 4:30am to take zunger to the airport. The Sea-Tac drive at 5am is really pretty and easy to do (if you forget that 4am is an unholy hour to be getting up at). I made the round trip to and from Sea-Tac in an hour. I didn't cry this time. Maybe my heart is starting to realize that he's not gone forever. It just feels like it. I already have my first trip back to the Bay Area tentatively scheduled.

I crashed for about 90 minutes in which I had the most unpleasant dream of Northwest Suites trying to move someone else into my temp housing while I was still in it. They made a big deal of it, coming in to decorate the place while I slept. The new occupants came in while I was in the middle of dressing. I was very exposed and embarrassed. When I went to complain, there were huge lines all over and no one was interested in helping me. As I started to rant about it, I got a call from artistic_chaos who said, "I just wanted to tell you..." Then, there was a commotion, I missed the rest of what she said except for the last bit which was, "and, I love you." She hung up then. I was really frustrated because I -know- the rest of what she had said to me was important, too. I headed back to my temp housing, furiously packing. I almost felt sorry for the new family moving in because they weren't having a good time of things either. Then, I remembered that I was going to have to sleep in my empty house that night, all alone, and I didn't feel so sorry for them anymore. [End.]

I couldn't sleep after that. I still which I had heard whatever it was that Heather was telling me. That is still bothering me. Most the time, my friends in my dreams impart important messages.

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