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Excuse my Zen...

artistic_chaos: there's more words in there, but they're not quite working themselves out yet
gaaneden: If they are meant to be said, they will be in their own time.
gaaneden: Oooo... look at me go all Zen on you.
artistic_chaos: hahahahaha
gaaneden: Is that anything like getting medieval on your ass?
artistic_chaos: LOL
artistic_chaos: i think it's different
gaaneden: Or is it more like accidently sneezing on someone.
artistic_chaos: LOL
gaaneden: Whoops, sorry... Didn't mean to get my Zen on you.
artistic_chaos: oh here, let me wipe that zen off you, im sorry
gaaneden: *LOL*
artistic_chaos: *snicker*
artistic_chaos: i think i know what it is
gaaneden: Hmm?
artistic_chaos: you seem to have a certain wisdom about you that you're willing to share, even if it's painful or scary
gaaneden: Honestly, I don't know where it comes from. I open my mouth and there it is.
artistic_chaos: heh, i know that feeling
gaaneden: Ah well.

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