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Thankful Thursday

Taken from runnerwolf. I am thankful for the following things:

01. Bravery in the face of possible emotional backlash.
02. Open, honest, painful communication.
03. Small gifts found in unexpected places.
04. Friends who think of me when I'm not there.
05. Kittens and all that they entail.
06. Sincere apologizes in the face of massive screw ups.
07. Airplanes.
08. The song "Thank you" by Alannis Morrisette.
09. Chocolate muffins.
10. Fabric friends.

Last night was the emotional equivalent of having my hand stuck into a fire I already knew was waiting there. My response was to thwap the offending party and say "Ow! Fuck! That's fire! It hurts! Stop it!" All hands were quickly removed from the fire and inspected for harm. Fortunately, the result was only a few singes but no lasting burns. Over all, things went a hell of a lot better than they could have gone. For that, I am grateful.

You and your tribe are the restless explorers of the zodiac, Sagittarius. Your wanderlust sometimes becomes so consuming that you forget how important it is to have a home base. And when you suffer from that delusion, you aren't likely to devote much creativity to keeping your foundations strong. Luckily, you're now in a phase when you can't possibly get away with this ignorance. The energizing planet Mars is stirring up a flood of feelings and ideas about what you need to sustain you -- and how to take good care of it.

I think I can safely say that I now understand the importance of having a home base to return to at night.

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