Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Updating and Being Virtuous

Abstract Thoughts is updated.

I forgot to mention that Dreamlines... was updated a couple days ago.

I did got to the mall and get my tape recorder for the car. It was very hard to find but, Target prevailed in the end. Virtuously, I walked past Pretzel Time and Mrs. Fields Cookies, even though I was very hungry and they were both calling my name - loudly. Went up to the food court and got some Chinese garlic chicken and green beans instead. Yay me!

And now for the really, really spammy part of the entry...

You Might Be a Military Brat If...

- "move in condition" never meets your definition of clean. ( remember white glove clean ? )

- you find it shocking that some Americans do not know the Pledge of Allegiance.

- by the age of 10, you knew how to convert at least one foreign currency to U.S. dollars.

- the church you attended during childhood offered both Protestant and Catholic services.

- you always considered yourself an American; hyphenated versions were not part of your vocabulary.

- it's a daunting task to obtain transcripts from every school you've ever attended.

- you've fed at least 10 stray dogs and cats at each house you ever lived in. (Spay/neuter please!)

- the term "permanent address" is an oxymoron.

- not even a professional shoe shine can match your work.

- before a ballgame, you stand at attention for the National Anthem, even if you're alone in your living room.

- "friendship" means we knew each other at some point.

- you stop your car on a highway and walk through mud to pick up an American flag that has blown off somebody's car.

- you know what a "regulation haircut" is.

- the sight of a "Bekins" or "Mayflower" truck makes your stomach turn.

- your dad went on a "Med cruise" without your mother.

- your childhood memories include Duraglit, Brasso, liquid starch and Kiwi shoe polish.

(my favorite)- your dad was called into his C.O.'s office because of some stupid stunt you pulled at school.

- you never got to take any second level class (i.e., French II, German II, Biology II) because it wasn't offered at your new school.

- you have to fight the urge to smack the hat off the guy in front of you in the bleachers during the National Anthem.

- acronyms don't confuse you.

- your childhood neighborhood had a "Yard of the Month" award.

- you figured out when you were eight that the U.S. ZIP codes progressed from low in the northeast to highest in the west.

- the term "mess" is a synonym for "untidy" and"food".

- an armed M.P. flagged you into your neighborhood.

- you don't know what to say when people ask you "Where are you from?"

- none of your high school yearbooks are from the same school.

- you ever wrote to your dad at an A.P.O. or F.P.O.

- you can't imagine having a friend for more than 3 years.

- your neighborhood promoted safe driving by arranging wrecked cars with "bloody", mangled mannequins in high-traffic areas.

- you don't have many momentos from your childhood because they were lost in some move or other.

- you shopped at a PX.

- your family's living room contained a high-tech German stereo system, Italian designer leather sofa and chair, elegent Japanese dolls in glass cases; you had a maid, and your mother's clothes were tailor made, but back in the States, your family was considered "low income".

- you spent your summers at the base pool, in the base bowling alley, and playing in the sprinkler or on the "Slip 'N Slide".

- "the economy" means going off-base and paying higher local prices.

- by the age of 10, your shot record was more than a page long.

- Sundays were for your parents going to the officers club and all the kids going to the PX for burgers and shakes and then to the movies.

- You thought all Americans in 'the States' felt the same way about the USA

- It was normal for all cars and people to stop when they played 'Taps' and the flag was retired for the day

- 25 cents was something you converted to the local money... to see what you could buy

- Cannon fire at dusk was routine

- Armed Forces day was a chance to play on a Tank or a Helicoptor or a MASH ambulance

- Finding a helmet or bayonet or some other military artifact was a means to barter for something else

- A 155mm Cannon shell casing was neat

- History wasn't a book, it was something you saw or met, or people who had been there

- Italian movies dubbed in German were understandable

- Armed Forces Radio

- Dog Tags

- Not knowing what attics are for - you only packed what you used.

- You think it's normal for three guys who don't know each other who happen to be walking the same way at the same time to fall into step and become a parade.

- A request for your hometown leaves you puzzled

- you know better than the put anything up on the walls when you move into a place

- you know the last 4 digits of your Dad's ssn better than his work phone number

- Stars & Strips - best directed newspaper in the world!

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