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Good stuff

This was a most productive weekend. I found Crossroads mall. Where I spent a lot of money at Bed, Bath and Beyond on mostly bathroom stuff. I also got myself all gussied up for my best guy this coming weekend. Then, I found Fred Meyer. I love that store. I picked up a couple of lamps and a tool kit for the house. I have my own drill now! Mwhahahaha. Be afraid. Be very afraid!

I didn't get the Hucked Tankard Tale written, but I did get the poem (a series of limericks) that the whole story is based on done. So, writing the actual story won't take me that much time.

On a geeky note, thanks to seidl, I want this robotic vacuum for my new house in the worst way! I can't figure out if I want it more because I hate vacuuming or because I think having a robotic vacuum is the neatest thing since sliced bread. If you want to get me a group house warming gift, this would be it. I am completely lusting for it.

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