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First Neighborly Meeting

Ok, all seems to be on track for my condo. I can officially say that the handyman's work is acceptable and his demeanor good. I'd recommend him but suggest you be firm on timelines with him. Everything will be done and cleaned up by tomorrow.

While leaving my home, I had my first encounter of the neighborly kind. Apparently, the set of condo units right across the way from mine is occupied by four single older women. I got to meet Irene. A delightful older Hungarian woman with a good sense of humor. I foresee some interesting conversations in my future. She got that "I have a nephew about your age" gleam in her eye when she found out that I was single and was going to be living 'all by myself' in that 'big place.' Hehehe.

Maybe I should get Andy to write in something about the homeowner's association trying to set up Jenn in Casey and Andy.

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