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Learning experiences... feh!

Finally tired of receiving 90% of my spam from and having that address used in spoofing, it has been turned off. No email to that address will get to me anymore. However, my regular account works fine. So, if you haven't updated your address books in the last 2-3 years, now is a good time.

Just got the call. My carpets are in. However, the absolute soonest they can come out and install it? August 29th. Ok. Fine. My condo was simply destined not to be moved into until September. In fact, the goods delivery date is September 3rd. I can deal with that. Now, I just need to deal with a handyman who no longer seems to be working on the agreed upon timeline.

Learning experiences. This is all one huge learning experience.

A quote that just must be repeated... "The PlaceWare project was our last, best hope for employment. It failed. But in the aftermath of the Great Move, it became something greater - our last, best hope for prosperity. The year is twenty-aught oh-three. The name of the place - Microsoft WA." - Anonymous (not really, but they want to be anonymous)

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