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Mildly Grumpy

I'm mildly grumpy right now because normally, this would be Friday, thus allowing me the weekend to have one day to do stuff like find Crossroads Mall and pick up some more stuff for the condo and one day to lie around, reading and doing not much else. Unfortunately, that idea was shot down when I received this email from my boss yesterday:

"Folks, it’s coming down to the wire and so dev is really stepping up. We expect to see a lot of work Friday, which will go into a build available Saturday. Please treat this Saturday as a normal work day, to be in to continue the test pass, regress changes, etc. Thank you—we all appreciate your dedication. Almost there!!"

*grump*grump*grump* I guess I can find Crossroads Mall another time. I think I'm going to be craving my solitude by Sunday... But, B5, Season three is out on DVD and Hans told me I could borrow his place next week to watch them. That means, I need to go buy a copy. Which means, I need to find a place that sells them. *argh*

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